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    Creating a Beautiful Winter Wedding Bouquet

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Winter weddings afford many opportunities for elegant, unique floral designs that are impossible during other seasons. From utilizing cedar and other seasonal greeneries to being as glittery as you like without seeming over-the-top, arranging winter wedding flowers can be a lot of fun. Of course, one of the most important aspects of wedding flower arrangement is the bouquet. Keep reading for some wonderful winter bouquet ideas.

    Create a Dramatic Look with Red

    Consider using flowers with a deep or bright red hue, or a combination of the two. Red poinsettias make lovely, dramatic bouquets around Christmas. Ask your wedding florist about using a velveteen version instead and using fresh holly berries, cranberries, or other red options. Of course, roses are always an option, too.

    Go Elegant with Silver and Gold

    Flowers don’t grow in metallic shades, but floral paint can help achieve the effect. Your wedding florist can spray virtually any flower you want with silver or gold paint. He or she can even create a muted effect by spraying lightly, or create an overt metallic effect by applying several coats. Make your bouquet more festive by adding a subtle ornament or two, or make it more elegant with rhinestones or metallic beads.

    Opt for a Festive Theme

    If you’re getting married close to Christmas, you might use red and white flowers together for a candy cane theme. Or, you might consider a winter wonderland theme, for which your wedding florist uses only white flowers, fillers, and accessories. A winter woodland theme may involve a bouquet made entirely out of evergreens, pine cones, holly, and other items you’d find in the woods.

    At Ariston Florist in NYC, we understand that you want your wedding flowers to be beautiful, personal, and appropriate for the season. We can help you choose your perfect wedding bouquet, no matter when your wedding date is. Call our flower shop today at (888) 435-8909 to learn more.

    Understanding What Different Flowers Symbolize

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Did you know that flowers have their own special language? No, they don’t speak to one another, but they can send a very powerful message to the person receiving them. The next time you want to send flowers to someone special, consider what the different color options mean. Ask your florist about which flower colors can best relay your message, whether it’s a message of congratulations or condolences.


    White is the most recognized symbol of purity, though it can also represent modesty and simple beauty. Many flowers are available in white, and some of the most popular include roses, carnations, daisies, and calla lilies. White gardenias and stephanotis are also quite popular, and elegant choices for wedding and anniversary bouquets.


    Red almost universally represents love, but love is not the limit of its message. Red flowers can also express courage, strength, desire, and beauty. Red roses are a classic symbol of love, but if you’re looking to send a different message, you have options. Try carnations, amaryllis, tulips, hibiscus, or geraniums.


    Pink is considered a happy color in the language of flowers. It conveys feelings of perfect joy, represents youth and grace, and can represent innocence. Aside from roses and carnations, you might consider pink gerbera daisies, cherry blossoms, snapdragons, aster, foxglove, and bleeding hearts.


    Yellow relays feelings of friendship and happiness, but can also symbolize new beginnings. Yellow flowers are ideal choices for congratulatory bouquets, and are appropriate for celebrating a new career or college graduation. You should find plenty of yellow flower choices, including roses, carnations, daisies, mums, sunflowers, gladiolas, day lilies, black-eyed Susan, and many others.

    If you need to send a special message in Manhattan, contact Ariston Florist. Our flower shop is proud to serve the NYC area, and we are happy to help you find flowers that say just the right thing. Call (888) 435-8909 today to place an order

    How to Decorate Your Mantel for the Holidays

    Last updated 1 year ago

    If you have a mantel in your home, then you have a perfect built-in focal point for your holiday décor. Deciding how you want to decorate your mantel, however, is not always simple. Flowers, greenery, seasonal candy, ornaments, and even Christmas cards are all wonderful ideas, but how you decorate your mantel really depends on what theme you’re trying to pull off.

    First, decide what tone you want to set, whether it’s elegant, casual, festive, or sophisticated. Do you want to give your mantel a classic nature-inspired aesthetic, or would you prefer a more modern take on the holidays? A visit to your local florist can give you some amazing ideas, and you can ask the staff for their expertise.

    If you need help deciding how to decorate your mantel this holiday season, contact Ariston Florist in NYC. We’ll help you with flowers, greenery, accessories, and anything else you need to give your home interior a breathtaking appearance. Call (888) 435-8909 today for more information.

    Winter Wedding Flower Tips

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Just because you’re planning a winter wedding doesn’t mean you’re automatically stuck with a Christmas theme for your flowers and décor. For help planning a beautiful winter wedding that isn’t anchored in the holidays, take a look at this video.

    Most florists and designers advise against choosing a Christmas theme, unless it is integral to your winter wedding aesthetic. Instead, you can create gorgeous, sophisticated, elegant designs with white, ivory, green, and even silver-toned flowers. Shimmering decorations are also good, but be careful not to do too much or you’ll risk crossing the line into the holiday look.

    Whether you’re looking for a wedding florist or simply a flower shop that cares, we have you covered at Ariston Florist in NYC. Call (888) 435-8909 today to learn all about our fresh flowers, plants, and gift items.

    5-Star Wedding Wire Review

    Last updated 1 year ago

    • on Wedding Wire
    • "The floral arrangements on our Wedding day were the most beautiful arrangements I have ever seen at a wedding! I would recommend Ariston to everyone who wants the best quality and most of all an honest florist!"


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